A Short Picture History of Old Village Paint – Old Factory Buildings

Old Village Paint Ancestry, Originally C. Schrack & Co.
152 – 158 North Fourth Street, Philadelphia
Our buildings were purchased and torn down for the US Mint which was  around the block from Independence Hall in down town Philadelphia.

Our Story

This was our (Old Village Paint) Varnish Factory Building in Trenton NJ. Ben Franklyn wasn’t having varnish making in the city of Philadelphia due to it was cooked over open fire and hence, a fire hazard. We definitely do Not make it like that anymore! Our Gel & Varnish in one easy application is so much better and no flames in the making!


OLDEST VARNISH MAKERS IN AMERICA / Making paint since 1816 the Old Village Paint ‘OVP’ family has been making varnish since before paint was available in ‘ready to use’ form. Before ready-mixed paints were a thing Old Village Paint sold paint ingredients to the painters for them to mix their own paint each day.  In the 1850’s we along with any other paint manufacturers at the time started to make ready mixed paints and put them in cans that were soldered shut.  Resealable top cans were not even invented for another 50 years at the turn of the century. 

In the beginning we also made carriages and we made our own Varnish for those carriages.   We made exceptional Varnish so as time went on other carriage makers were buying Varnish from us and it became more profitable for us to just make Varnish and leave the carriage making to them.  We have always used the best ingredients in our Varnish and do the same to this day in our paint. 

Old Village Paint Ancestry, Originally C. Schrack & Co.
152 – 158 North Fourth Street, Philadelphia
Including the smaller buildings attached. This was taken just prior to being torn down to for the US Mint.

I remember my dad telling me about the old factory in Philadelphia that was powered with a horse and treadmill.  And my grandfathers office had a fireplace in it!  I’ve always wanted a fireplace in my office!  He told me about how Ben Franklin was so fire conscience that they had to move the varnish making to Camden NJ because in those days the varnish was cooked over an open fire.  And it was done outside as the picture on our gel stain and varnish cans portray.

The 3rd & 4th Generation PaintMakers ~
Left to right Uncle Jody Stulb, Great Uncle Joe Stulb and my Dad, Ed Stulb (sorry about the quality)

Today, Old Village Paint is still Made the old fashioned way, unlike modern day paint, we continue to make small batches using traditional ingredients as regulations allow.  We use natural earth pigments as we did in days past.  With an average of 43.7% pigment you will get amazing coverage!  Of course there is no lead in any of our paints.  But the quality remains the best for longevity and quality.  Just ask any of our customers.

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