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An “Indian” Cupboard – 1232 Graining Liquid

This inspiration is from a good friend and Old Village user, Heidi Drewes. She is beyond talented!

I am sending photos of our “Indian” Cupboard, showing some of the grain painting I did on this piece… this was actually the second piece I did using graining liquid to “paint landscapes” with… done in the year 2000!

You can see in these pics, how I use things like toothpicks and Q-Tips when making these neat landscape grained panels. Toothpicks help define grasses, ripples and eddies in water, the sinew bindings in a birch bark canoe, and gives highlights in objects like the Native American Indian’s paddle. I use Q-Tips dipped in thinner to remove the graining liquid where I need to… as in the one panel, to bring the setting sun back to a pale “Antique Buttermilk Yellow” base.

For the skies in these panels, I use a Wal-Mart bag and pounce it to an all over even look. I also use thinner on a rag to make the dramatic clouds you see in the “Buffalo Trail” side panel, over the pounced bag skies. I want to print pics out and bring along for reference, since I cannot bring this cupboard along.

Just want to share more pics and get us more excited! 🙂

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