German smoker painting

Kris Kringle

Here is a bit of Santa Claus inspiration from Heidi Drewes, in her own words. Truth – this is actually from 2013. We are just a bit slow in getting our blog going!

I love painting Santa’s and Kris Kringles and Father Christmas und das Weihnachtsman (yes I can understand and speak a little German) and love Santa’s red coat in your painting, which reminded me of the first time I dipped a paint brush into the 2 oz bottle of Child’s Rocker Bright Red you sent me last Christmas… I immediately thought that red was as powerfully pigmented and as RED as Marilyn Monroe’s lipstick… and just as velvety smooth and lustrous flowing off the brush!

I sometimes paint my Santa’s in other color coats as well. I have a small collection of German Smokers, hand-carved in the Erzgebirge region in Germany and one of them is a wonderful St. Nicholas, he was the first one I had… a gift from my parents for Christmas. I painted a panel on a cupboard door with this smoker on it, with all intentions to keep it because I loved it so much, but it found another owner…when the price is right… it has a new home! I am sending some of my Santa’s I’ve painted on little cupboards we’ve made and another one painted on a Masonite panel with a frame grained in black over British Red… done long ago! I can envision you giving Santa painting workshops as well, you are doing a great job!

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