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Over & Under Primer – Sticks to just about everything! (1738 & 1735)

$34.00 – $450.00

Old Village Over & Under Primer sets up your topcoat for success! This is a top quality water based primer that can be used on most all interior and exterior surfaces. It will provide strong adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. Over & Under has excellent adhesion to drywall, plaster, wood, metal galvanized, metal, aluminum, many plastics as well as vinyl and metal sidings. Adhesion to older painted surfaced is great as well. With its water cleanup and fast dry this primer is a winner that will compliment any painting job.

Do the job once and do it right by using Over & Under Primer from Old Village Paint

KEEP FROM FREEZING — Can not ship in freezing temperatures.

Primer Colours: Gray, White

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