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Vintage Oil Paints (1100-1200) … (Authentic Historic Colours)

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Frank Welsh & Penny Batcheler, Noted Historic Color Consultants, Philadelphia Athenaeum

  • 25 ready-mixed historic colours in oil base
  • Easy to use, goes on like butter
  • Low luster, satin sheen reproduces historic finishes
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces
  • Excellent wash-ability, adhesion, durability and colour retention
  • High pigment content provides excellent one-coat coverage

Uses: Wood, plaster, properly prepared drywall, metals, decorative painting; brush, roller or spray application. May be thinned with mineral spirits.

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Oil Colours: 1117 Rittenhouse Red, 1118 Rittenhouse Blue, 1119 Society Hill Blue, 1120 Village Tavern Blue, 1121 Rittenhouse Green, 1122 Tea Caddy Green, 1123 Rittenhouse Ivory, 1125 Valley Forge Mustard, 1201 Pure White, 1202 Colonial White, 1203 Pearwood, 1204 Antique Pewter, 1205 British Red, 1206 Salem Brick, 1207 New England Red, 1208 Soldier Blue, 1209 Antique Yellow, 1212 Colonial Green, 1214 Wild Bayberry, 1215 Forest Green, 1216 Cabinet Makers Blue, 1217 Cupboard Blue, 1226 Satin Black, 1227 Philadelphia Brownstone, 1228 Antique Sage Green, 1229 Chestnut, 1234 Interior Undercoat, 1244 Cape Cod Gray, 1249 Bar Harbor Gray, 1256 Lighthouse Blue

harpsichord in workshopI am a harpsichord maker and have been building (and painting) these instruments for over 35 years. In that time, I’ve tried almost every paint known to man. Recently, a fellow builder suggested I try Old-Village paint, so I ordered your color charts, and eventually decided on Rittenhouse Ivory and Chestnut as the colors for my latest instrument.[…]

I rarely, if ever, write testimonials, but in this case, I couldn’t resist. This is by far the best paint I have ever used.

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