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Old Village® Original Oil-Base (#1200 & #1100)

Wood, plaster, properly prepared drywall, metadividerls, decorative painting; brush, roller or spray application. May be thinned with mineral spirits.

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Old Village® Acrylic Latex (#1700)

All interior & exterior surfaces including masonry.

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Old Village® Buttermilk (#1300)

Interior & Exterior surfaces such as furniture, walls and architecture. Also perfect for decorative painting such as folk art, stenciling, distressing, antiquing, graffito or scribing, dry brush graining, and other faux finishing techniques.

buttermilk colour chips

Old Village® Graining & Glazing Liquids (#GL)

graining glazing liquid

Interior applications over any Old Village® Paint for decorative effects such as wood graining, combing, sponging, rag-rolling, stippling, feathering, antiquing, etc.

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Heide Drewes demonstrates the “Finger Technique” with Old Village Buttermilk and Graining Liquid

Old Village® Metalic Graining and Glazing Liquids

Silver, Gold, Antique Bronze, Copper

metalic graining and glazing examples
Top is dabbed with plastic bag. Bottom is brushed and wiped.

Old Village® Gel Stain & Clear Glaze Varnish (#1400)

Stain and Varnish in “one” easy application!

Kitchen cabinets, paneling, furniture, wood decorative pieces, floors, etc. Darker colours can be sponged over to give a leather effect, or dry brushed for graining effects. Clear glaze can be used over any Old Village® Paint as a protective top coat. Clear and white paste can be tinted to create different colour glazes. One coat of paste stain provides a low-luster, hand-rubbed patina. subsequent coats provide greater depth of colour, greater surface protection and higher gloss. Gel stain can also be buffed or polished. White provides a beautiful bleached-wood or pickled effect.

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Old Village® Whitewash (#1600)

Excellent for interior and exterior use. Walls, ceilings, fences and more.

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whitewash sample board

Old Village® All Cracked Up Crackle Vehicle

Crackle Decorating for Antique finishes is the newly rediscovered, and today’s fastest growing, folk art technique. Crackling is accomplished in three basic steps.

  1. Apply a coat of flat latex paint
  2. Apply All Cracked up crackle medium
  3. Apply a coat of latex paint.

The top coat will “crackle,” revealing the first coat, producing the effect of successive layers of aged paint. Express your expertise on furniture, woodwork, almost any article that strikes your fancy.

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all cracked up

Colours de Provence & Tuscany (2100-2112)

All interior & exterior surfaces including masonry.

View Provence Colour Samples

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Provence colour chart

Goopy Paint

Can be applied as Goopy or as smooth as you like.

display of goopy paint

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goopy paint examples

Wax ~ Dry ~ Buff Patina

cans of cream wax One pound cans of our beautiful Schrack’s Cream Wax. It is a soft wax that can be mixed with the paint or used straight out of the can for a Wax~Dry~Buff patina! Really nice stuff and half the price of Competitive quality Wax!

Schrack’s Cream Wax can also be mixed with any of our Old Village Paints to create all kinds of primitive to fine furniture finishes and patina’s! It can also be mixed with metallic powders! The uses are endless!

Over & Under Primer

over and under primer Old Village Over & Under Primer sets your topcoat up for success!
Old Village Over & Under Primer is a top quality water based primer that can be used on most all interior and exterior surfaces. It will provide strong adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. Over & Under has excellent adhesion to drywall, plaster, wood, metal galvanized, metal, aluminum, many plastics as well as vinyl and metal sidings. Adhesion to older painted surfaced is great as well. With its water cleanup and fast dry this product is a winner that will compliment any painting job.
Do the job once and do it right by using Over & Under Primer from Old Village.