All Cracked Up

New Pale and Transparent Formula

Crackle decorating is the newly rediscovered and fastest growing folk art technique today. Almost anyone can do it with a bit of practice. It is a way to express your expertise on furniture, woodwork and almost any article that strikes your fancy. Crackling is accomplished in three basic steps. old school desk

  1. Apply a coat of flat latex paint
  2. Apply a coat of the crackle medium
  3. Apply a coat of latex paint.

The finish coat of latex is the secret of success. Be certain to lay on a good heavy final coat as it is the one that will crackle. It is the water in it that attacks the crackle medium and makes it wiggle. When it does the crackle is working. After the entire process has thoroughly dried you can sand and then varnish it if you wish. Use either #1400 Clear Paste Glaze or #1232 Transparent Satin. Another coat of a different colour is also interesting. An hour is the normal time to dry, but try other timing until you attain your favourite looks The most important part to remember is the application of the finish coat. Don’t be afraid to lay on plenty of paint and do it as quickly and evenly as possible. crackle example

Last, but not least — experiment, play, have fun!