Stain & Varnish in 1 Easy Application!

Gel Stain & Gel Varnish

Now you can have a new experience in staining and varnishing with a very Special Oil Fortified Polyurethane Gel.

Our secret combination of oils, colors and vehicles makes new formula Gel Wood Stain & Varnish a welcome development for the amateur and professional wood finisher.

The ‘new formula” makes it possible to “work” with the stain and varnish much longer, finish all manner of woodwork – furniture, floors, even braining and furniture decoration. It dries with a hard even film that, looks and feels like a hand-rubbed multiple coat finish. It has an appearance of depth unmatched.

Simply wipe it on, rub lightly and allow it to dry. That’s it! It seals, stains and finishes in one application, and on soft grainy woods with knots it gives the finish an even appearance impossible to attain with penetrating stains.

Because of its new and different jell structure you won’t believe the ease with which you can use it. one coat is usually enough, but two coats are even better.

Stain Colour Card (PDF)

gel stain color chart

stain on oak and pine

Basic Instructions

  1. Be sure the wood is clean and smooth. If the wood needs sanding, do it now. you won’t need to sand later. With a soft cloth or brush apply Gel Stain, and then wipe- preferably with the grain. The more stain left on the wood the darker the color.
    If a darker finish is desired, repeat this process after 30 to 60 minutes. After two coats you will have a lovely low sheen. (One coat leaves very little sheen, but the wood is filled and protected).
  2. You may stop with one or two coats of Stain, remembering that one coat offers almost no sheen-you may prefer this- many antiquarians do. If you want more sheen and a darker color use two or more coats of Stain. If you wish more sheen, but not darker use the Clear Gel Varnish. Note, please! We have used the Clear Gel Vanish to make our l Stains, so the Gel Varnish is simply a stain vehicle with no color.
    You can use as many Clear coats as you wish, allowing at least 60 minutes between applications. You can also mix; colors to obtain your own custom hue. Try first coat Cherry and second coat Walnut. This is “layering”. Paneling and Floors can be finished using the same basic instructions.

Graining has become popular again. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Brush on a coat of OLD VILLAGE Paint “PEARWOOD” (we make this, too). Allow to dry overnight.
  2. With a brush or soft cloth apply a coat of Gel Stain in the ; wood color you want.
  3. Dry your brush well, and “dry-stroke” the grain into the Gel Stain in one direction only. Come back each time, z dry the brush again on newspaper and “dry-stroke” the l Stain again, until you’ve finished the entire piece. Allow to dry overnight.
  4. Brush on a coat of Clear Gel Varnish or Old Village a Transparent Satin Varnish.