Old Village Acrylic Latex Simulated Whitewash #1600


Apply it as you would any latex paint. Using a brush will help you create a slight design on the surface. You can roll the first coat and then go over it lightly with the brush. On unsealed exterior surfaces, it is recommended that you use Old Village Exterior Primer (#1236). on interior surfaces use Old Village Interior Primer (#1234). Simulated White-Wash may be tinted with universal colorants, but not with other paints.

Simulated White-Wash (PDF)

Thinning & Cleaning up:

To thin, use water only – no solvents. To clean up, use mild soap and warm water.

This innovative 18th and early 19th century museum-quality restoration finish is intended for almost any interior or exterior surface. It gives the authentic appearance of old White-Wash applied many years ago.

Old Village Simulated White-Wash is being used on many restoration projects throughout the United States and has been endorsed by museum curators and professional historic paint consultants.

Old Village Simulated White-Wash applies with the ease of latex paints with none of the problems or hazards encountered when using whitewash. It may be used on unpainted or previously painted walls, ceilings, fences and more.

Old Village Simulated White-Wash is one of the quality restoration specialty finishes created in response to requests from historic paint consultants worldwide Many of the coatings made in the 18th and 19th centuries consisted of ingredients not allowed in today’s manufacture, therefore carefully developed substitutions are necessary. These products in themselves are writing history and are being documented for future historians. When you have used this product we would appreciate a note telling how and where it was used. Call 800-498-7687 with your comments and suggestions.

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