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I called a few days back to ask some questions which were answered and followed by some good conversation. Can’t remember the name of the woman I talked to, but she mentioned that pictures were always appreciated. So here are three:

1. The front entry, looking through what we call the keeping room to the kitchen at the back of the house. Entry and hallway trim done in Rittenhouse Blue 1118, as is much of the house interior trim.Historic Saltbox hallway & Stairs

2. Thekeeping room. Dining is on the opposite end of the room. The mantle and all trim are done in Rittenhouse Blue (1118).Historic Saltbox Keeping Room

3. Kitchen, working area on the opposite end. Mantle and all trim done with New England Red 1207. Walls are Steeple White 1751.Historic Saltbox Dining Room

Some time back your requested we send you a picture of our house. I’m Sorry it has taken us so long to get it to you. You may not be interested, but just in case, we are forwarding them to you. Needless to say, we are very much pleased with the total results of the paint we purchased from you, all though we realize our climate is totally different from yours & affects the paint differently (the dry, windy, sunny climate here) but all in all it has held up very good.

We used British Red and Tavern Fable Blue on the exterior (trim). We have had many favorable comments on it’s appearance. On the interior we used a variety of your colors & everyone remarks how beautiful the results are. In fact it “caught on” so well that friends and relatives have also used it.

We want to thank you for your good service & Kindness in helping us both in selections and shipment, etc.

Sincerely Mrs. M. D. Swift

front of houseSwift houseback of house

PS. My husband has used your paint on several of his commercial buildings and the result has been very favorable.

I bought your cranberry stain up in New York and stained my kitchen cabinets and they were beautiful. Everyone loved them and they lasted with no wear or tear. I just love your stain and it’s so easy to use, it’s incredible.

Cheryle Clark

Hello all, I am a real lover of your paint! Our entire homes baseboard, interior doors, windows, wainscoting and trim in Steeple White. The barn door is mustard, the table on the porch is pewter, the kitchen cabinets have been one of your blues. I think you get the picture,? so here is my dilemma: I want to stencil the foundation to look like brick. I have a stencil coming but how do I prepare my Surface? And what color should I use? I’m planning on antiquing the “bricks ” using your black and some Steeple White so any help that I can get to make this a successful project will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Deb Pelton, NH

Walls painted with Old Village PaintAttic bedroom painted with Old Village PaintKitchen painted with Old Village PaintKitchen painted with Old Village PaintArtwork painted with Old Village Paint

artwork painted with Old VillageBarn painted with Old Village colors of New England Red and Rittenhouse Ivory

These cabinets are original to our 1957 ranch house and I love them. You can keep wooden cabinets, I love color! This is the second time we have painted them with your paint….last time about 20 years ago. When trying to choose a color I found the Rittenhouse Ivory was underrepresented and I was hoping to give you a picture to add to your website. We could not be happier with the color or the way the paint went on. We plan to enjoy these cabinets for the next 20 years. Thanks for making things the old fashioned way…meaning, made to last.

Sincerely, D. King

kitchen cabinets

We learned about your paint more than 25 years ago when we moved to a small village in the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire, near to Oxford and Stratford-on-Avon. He said that as we were renovating our 250 year old cottage, we should use this paint that he knew of – “the best paint in the world” in his opinion… we hunted it down… Old Village Paint, made traditionally in the USA… we hand built and painted our kitchen… our bathroom… our exterior and interior doors… everything.

… and 25 years later we still believe that indeed Old Village is the best paint in the world… and now there are more than 20 houses in our small village who have ‘Rittenhouse Blue’ or ‘Wild Bayberry’ front doors – here’s a picture of our cottage, still using your glorious products after a quarter of a century.

Thank you Old Village for your dedication to wonderful, traditional products.
We look forward with hope that there will be a new stockist in the UK as this would be a fantastic opportunity for a small business!

Ceri Powell

landscaped yard ukstone house ukstone cottage with blue door

“Thank you for your time earlier this afternoon. As discussed I have attached some photos of the finished product and one prior to the paint application. As I mentioned, our painters prepped the new wood, applied a Latex base coat and two coats of Old Village Acrylic Latex, color Steeple White. We are absolutely thrilled with the results. The finish of the paint and the color we chose is beyond our expectations. It is truly an outstanding completion to our new (and I might add costly) sliding French door installation.

As I mentioned to you, our trim painters, who are highly regarded and coveted in this area stated that it was the nicest paint they had ever worked with, both in quality of coverage and ease of application. Quite a recommendation from people who do nothing but apply various suppliers paint every day.

While thanking the door supplier (Marvin Doors & Windows of Montreal ) for a top quality product and a first rate installation, I mentioned our satisfaction with the Old Village Paint we had chosen. They were most interested in learning about your company as they apparently receive many inquiries from their clients for upscale finishes. I have forwarded him your co-ordinates, complete with our highest recommendations.
An added bonus was the information you supplied me today , explaining that it would not be necessary to apply a sealer coat over the Old Village product, on an interior application. This represents a substantial cost savings to ourselves as it would require another day and a half application time on our particular sliding French door unit.

Again, thanks for your interest. I think it fair to say you could put us in the “very satisfied client” column.”

Chris & Sylvi Wilkin
Hudson, Quebec, Canada

french doorsdoors

“I really like the antique patina look we get using your paste stain 1401 walnut. It has great workability and does what we need. Thanks for a great product.”

Doug Hansen


stage coach


“My husband and I started our own small business several years ago. We wanted our handmade furniture to have an aged and primitive look to it. We needed to find a paint that was easy to use but that would also give us the authentic colors we were looking for. Old Village Paint has met all our expectations as well as our customers. We also sell the paint in our store for customers that want to finish their own project. There is no other paint that can match your quality. Thank you for such a time honored product.”

Kathy and Chuck Moore
The Country Cupboard


boot benches

“Thank you Old Village Paint for your wonderful product. Not only do we sell and also use your paint in our furniture and retail store business, The Country Cupboard, but a couple of years ago when we bought our dream home we knew exactly what paint to use on the house. The home is approximately 125 years old and still has the wonderful clapboard siding. We were also lucky enough to find the original shutters to the home in the old garage. When it came time to paint the house there was never any doubt which paint to use. The house is painted New England Red and for the trim we used Colonial White. After some repair work to the original shutters and only one coat of Black Satin our new-old home came to life again. Thank you again for a GREAT product!”

Kathy and Chuck Moore

red house


“My husband (recently retired carpenter) and I have been using your paints for years inside and outside of our home.
He swears he’s never come across any paint as “easy going on” as Old Village Paints and we both absolutely LOVE the colors.

We are both looking forward to touring your plant on television. Our storm doors and front and side doors are painted Wild Bayberry.  Please don’t ever change a thing about the paints you make and sell.  You can’t improve on perfection!”

Schroeher Jr

white house decorated

“I am finally remembering to send the before/after pictures of my house. Hopefully, you’ll be able to tell the green is the before.

I painted my vinyl siding with ONE coat of Steeple White Latex (no primer) I just power washed and painted…that was THREE years ago! Still looks great. My shutters and garage doors are plantation red and my trim and storm door is Rittenhouse Ivory.”


ranch before paintingranch painted

“We painted our house with Old Village Paint 26 years ago and it was so easy to use. It really did go on like butter.
When we sold our house the paint still looked so good the buyers asked us if we had just painted! We told them “No we used Old Village Paint 26 years ago!”
Your paint is wonderful! Now we have moved and we won’t use anything else.

Thank you for making such a quality product.”

Carla Gerdes, Bucks County, PA

Old Village Paint ad

“I just wanted to express my appreciation for your awesome paint. We have been using your paint on our 18th century house for over 25 years. My husband recently replaced a window and surrounding trim. I wanted to paint it the same color I used in the rest of the room over 15 years ago (Village Tavern Yellow). I found the old paint can in my cellar (rusty top and all) and opened it. It was still perfect and I had enough to paint the window. Thanks for making the greatest paint I have ever used!”

Barbara, Willington, CT

“Here are some pictures of the bookshelf. Unfortunately it seems that the lamplighter yellow color is only available in a latex paint which doesn’t sand as nicely as the oil bases, so we went with the Antique Yellow instead. It was first stained with red mahogany, then painted with the Antique Yellow oil based paint. We then sanded it lightly in areas so the stain could poke through to give it an old worn look, and finished it with a high grade furniture wax.”


unfinished shelfstained shelfpainted yellow shelffilled shelf

Zuckerman Harpsicord
Our paint on a Zuckerman Harpsicord!

“I have been using your oil paint for years. I have to be a detective to find it too. I find it is the best and lasts for years. My gingerbread was done about 18 years ago and it still looks good. Same with my doors. The satin finish is like no other paint and no one can match it. I have tried repeatedly and nothing EVER come close. It is a rich paint like no other. As well, I like the fact that it is from Pennsylvania and the area I live in In Ontario, Canada is named after Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. I live in a Heritage Conservation District and the settlers were Pennsylvania Dutch Mennonites. So, with an excellent product produced from our namesakes home combined with our Heritage Plaques from Pennsylvania, I think it just fits just perfectly.”

Donna, Ontario, Canada

The Muertz’s son’s bedroom features many antiques and shaker style furniture made by Dave.

The Muertz’s hope to refinish an antique Shaker chair that they keep in their son’s bedroom. The Shaker’s trademark is barely visible on the back rung of the chair.

Muertz builds Shaker style furniture in his woodshop at his home in Maeystown. The molds he uses for his Shaker boxes are seen on the shelf in the foreground.

Muertz’s home was built in 1998 in the saltbox style with cherry floors and features authentic Shaker antiques and Shaker-style furniture handmade by Dave. Dave built the shaker boxes on the desk in the family room using no glue and tiny nails. “The Shakers believed in simplicity,” Anita said.

Muertz bedroomMuertz kitchenMuertz desk

I am writing to thank you for sending me the Old Village Gel Wood Stain. As I stated in my email, I have used this product for years. I can even remember my mother using this when I was a child. Once a year I give my antique desk and my decon bench a quick polish with a rag, let them dry and give them a buff…to see them shine like new! To receive an email from you the same day as my inquiry on your website and receive the stain via mail 2 days later was SO appreciated. TRUE customer service!

Thank you,
Joanne Palmer

old blue cupboard

This was an old cupboard that needed repair. I left most of the wood it’s weathered look, but highlighted sections with Cupboard Blue.

ceiling of foyer

The ceiling of my foyer, again accented in Cupboard Blue.

fireplace painted blue

This is one of the houses fireplaces. It was bordered in wood and painted Cupboard Blue. The bead board on the wall was from an early 1900’s shed. I painted it Old Sturbridge Mustard, now called Old Village Mustard.

red magazine table

This was a piece from the 1970’s that was stained. My friend was throwing it out. I put kegs on it, painted everything but the drawer Rittenhouse Red and I use it in the bathroom to hold magazines and toilet paper.

Edward Bozenski

This is a child’s roll top desk that I picked off the trash many moons ago. I dragged it through 5 moves and finally got around to restoring it a few years ago using a stain and Old Village Paint color New England Red. I love your paints and have used many colors in various projects. This is one of my favorite treasures.

Judy Urban

roll top desk

Thank you so much for the unbelievable service that you have provided. I got home yesterday afternoon, and the package was waiting on my doorstep.
I immediately went to work using the Old Village Stain, and I love it! It is just what I was looking for.

I take old wine boxes and recycled wood and make them new. I don’t use new “store bought” wood.

Again, thank you very much.


wine boxeswood boxes


Old Village Paints… Absolutely The Best Paint we have ever used! The black wall plate shelf was redesigned by my husband off an original antique we found dating back from the 1800’s. Painted with old Village black satin and distressed. Love this paint! Dries fast and easy to scruff to distress. The window mirror on the wall as well as the corner cupboard Hutch to the right are also painted with the Old Village Black satin paint. We used the Old Village New England Red on the wainscoting and on the tall lighted house on the right. Above the New England Red on the wall was painted with the Old Village chestnut paint.The primitive continuous windsor chair on the wall and the small jelly cupboard to the left are painted in tea caddy green and distressed. This is the only paint my husband and I use when making our primitive furniture!

Gerry & Tammy
The Bear Necessities Primitive Gift Shoppe
35 Vernon Street
Auburn Maine

Bear Necessities

I seriously swear by their paints, and they have always been more than helpful. We use it on all our furniture, and we also sell it in our Shoppe. It’s not hard too sell a great product!

Gerry Charette

This paint is amazing! This paint is absolutely the cure for anyone who hates to paint! You hate to paint because you hate your paint. lol After one use of OLD VILLAGE PAINT you will Fall IN LOVE with this paint! You will be painting everything in your house. And clean up…Soap and water! ?

Tammy Beaudoin Charette

Here are 2 pics of my recent kitchen redo using Old Village paint. Steeple White on the Cupboards and Rittenhouse Green on the island, window trim and interior door. I painted 22 cupboard doors (3 coats on the frontside, 2 coats on the backside) and 10 drawer fronts (3 coats) and the cabinet trim (3 coats) and I only used 1 gallon of the Steeple White paint!!!! I can’t begin to tell you how much I love your paint. My husband was dead set against me painting our oak cupboards. Now he says that he is very pleased with how they turned out. I tell everyone that will listen how great your paint is. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Laurie Short

Laurie Short kitchenLaurie Short kitchen

The Windsor chairs are painted with Old Village satin black oil based paint. I live in Northern Virginia and love the Windsor chairs at Mt. Vernon facing the Potomac River. My chairs are truly a mismatch of wood types, oak, maple and pine, but the fabulous paint pulls it all together. Janice Buck of Janice Buck interiors had advised me that the Old Village satin oil based paint was by far the best for exterior garden furniture. Janice was absolutely right. Thanks to Becky’s help I located my paint at The Paint Shop, Ltd. in Warrenton, VA and was lucky to be able to purchase it off the shelf. So far I only have applied one coat, I was so anxious to get them on the porch! One coat and they look incredible! This winter they will get a second coat, mainly because I missed places in my hurry to get them done. It dried relatively quickly and I love the soft lustre and durability of an oil finish. It has the highly pigmented velvety look that I love in Farrow & Ball paints who no longer carries oil based paint. One of my neighbors admired my look so much she asked if I would mind if she did the same thing on her porch. Now we have another home with a painted Windsor on the street. The satin finish on my metal front door is not Old Village as yet, and I intend to paint it next Spring. I love working with the oil paint and intend to paint my bedroom furniture with it, my next Old Village project.

Devins porch from leftDevins front doorDevins porch from right

Becky has been fabulous, a wealth of helpful assistance and information. I may use 1400 clear gel finish to amp up the sheen on Old Village satin oil paint on my dresser and nightstands.

Thanks so much for producing such wonderful products, can’t wait to get paint on my hands again,

Lindy Devins

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