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This is the Cherry Library project that we finished in 2010 that we used the #1400 clear paste finish on and just love the results. We are beginning a bed remodel that will be done in poplar. I will send finished photos of that as well. It certainly brings the best of the wood out.

library desk and windowscherry library shelvescherry librarydesk drawerscherry desk topcherry shelf trim

This is the Oak Hallway/Sitting area we finished last spring. The Oak panels did have minwax underneath but the cherry was straight paste finish, no stain.

wood panels hallsitting room wall panelswood doorsitting room windowscorner of wood panelscloseup of wood door

Thank you for having such a wonderful product,


These shutters and window frames were painted 13 years ago with Old Village 1714 Wild Bayberry! Still looks great!

Sent by: Alice and Charlie Friedholm, Henryville PA

“Makes me wanna rip down my vinyl siding, re-sheath it in wood and paint it with Old Village!” Not too Shabby!

green shuttergreen windowtwo windows green trimgreen window trimcloseup of green trim

Hi Folks: I received the paint on Monday. Thanks. It is everything I remembered. Top grade all around! 20 years ago I painted our kitchen Salem Brick. The Antique Sage is covering it perfectly with one coat. It flows beautifully and smooths out just as I remembered it did years ago. I have many colors from OVP that have been sitting on my shelf in varying levels and that have not been opened for years. I reopened most of them and they mix up superbly. I’ll spread the word about your paint albeit many don’t use historical colors in this neck of the woods. Using your paint is very satisfying and even though many would not agree, makes the job rather pleasurable.

Thanks again,
John H. (Lincoln NE)

can of new england red

Well, of all things, looking for a can of paint and, much to my surprise came upon a pint can of Old Village Pear Wood. Loved that color! Painted a cupboard door a few years ago… a few years ago… as in about THIRTY! And lo and behold, I pried the lid off and there it was…. the same paint color I loved, Not separated, or stinky, just stirred it a bit and painted it on a board I was making a sign out of… You would never have known how old it was! I would say that is the ultimate sign of a quality paint! I will be ordering your wonderful paint and trying some other products too! That was amazing to me. 30 years? C’mon, what other product could perform after that long?

I was awed and amazed when I opened that can, and even more so after I used it to paint a sign I was making. I have 2 year old cans of paint that couldn’t hold a candle to it. Maybe I should be embarrassed that I have 30 yr. old paint still on my shelf in the basement, but oh well, as Popeye says, I yam what I yam, and I is who I is… and beside, I was delighted to find it was still there, and from your page, still available to buy NEW!! Great colonial color!! Goes with EVERYTHING!

Kathleen Bauder Ash

Big thank you to Barb Bobik for sharing her picture and testimony of Old Village Paint!

“Kitchen cupboards painted with Antique Pewter. Original color underneath was New England Red – had that color on for over 15 years. With a little sanding, new paint color went on smoothly & covered the red.”

kitchen cupboards

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