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Graining & Glazing Oil Gel (1230)

$26.00 – $46.00
  • Antiquing Liquids use 1232 Brown & 1231 Black
  • Jelly consistency good for holding designs
  • Available in dark red, dark blue, brown, black, white and Clear Paste Glaze #1400
  • For use on wood, metal or over a painted surface. Create historic glazing, pickling, Wood Graining, to name a few. Add depth of colour to your work. Wipe on & off. Stain and Varnish in one! No need for a top coat.

Graining & Glazing Colours: 1231 Black, 1232 Brown, 1281 Red, 1282 Blue, 1283 White, 1284 Gold, 1285 Silver, 1286 Copper, 1287 Bronze, 1400 Clear

Uses: Interior applications over any Old VillageĀ© Paint for decorative effects such as wood graining, combing, sponging, rag-rolling, stippling, feathering, antiquing, etc.

Example: Corn Cob Graining
Yes, it is an historic technique. Here we used old Village Buttermilk “Fancy Chair Yellow” as the base coat and allowed it to dry. And then used the 2-3GL “Childs Rocker Dark Red Glaze” and rolled the soaked corn cob over the glaze to create this really great finish! I love this because no one ever guesses how this was made!

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