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How to Paint a Quality Finish ~ 10 Tips

Posted: July 16, 2022 – In: News
10 Tips for a Quality Paint Job With Old Village Paint 1. First Things First ~ Oil over Latex, not Latex over Oil ~ If you want to paint latex over oil you have 2 options. First prime on top of the oil paint or stain with Oil Primer or Old Village Over/Under water-based Primer. […]

1661 Saltbox – Revolutionary War Zone

Posted: July 2, 2022 – In: News
Robert Vavasour shared pictures of his beautifully restored 1661 Saltbox that was involved in the Revolutionary War. Completely painted inside and out with Old Village Paint! The Pelatiah Leete House is one of the earliest surviving dwellings built in Guilford Connecticut in the early 18th century by Pelatiah Leete , the grandson of Guilford founder, […]

Beautiful Historic Home with Old Village Paint

Posted: June 26, 2022 – In: News
Jamie Peacock shared their wonderful house!!! Pick an Historic colour from our Old Village Line of paint. A colour that contrasts from the rest of your home to make it look more attractive and and also will make it stand out from other homes with a similar look on your street. You might also consider […]

~ Cabinetmakers Blue & Rittenhouse Ivory ~ c.1845

Posted: June 24, 2022 – In: News
Chuck Hyde shared this picture of his parents 1845 house meticulously restored with Old Village Paint inside and out! Stunning!!! I just Love this house! Authentic Historic Colours! Oldest Paint & Varnish Manufacturer in America!!! Old Village Paint Colours were researched and analyzed by noted Historic Color Consultant, Frank Welsh. Old Village Paint uses Natural […]

My Dad tells me about his Dad

Posted: November 30, 2021 – In: News
My dad, 4th Generation Paint & Varnish Maker at 92 years young and a bit forgetful just months before he passed.  The kitchen helpers were a husband and wife team that lived in the carriage house.  (Not two girls)  my grandfather cooked and stirred the varnish over an open flame in a big kind of […]
laneys father